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Every year CBGAA completes projects during our work weekends. From skilled labor to simple household chores, our dedicated members volunteer to make camp in top shape!

Boat Dock

Our spring breakers installed a new floating boat dock and boat launch. We can’t wait to kayak and canoe with ease this summer!


Snake Island

Snake Island is a long fabled island on the lake of Camp Bratton Green. For many years, the island remained uninhabitable and overgrown. Thanks to the work of our volunteers, snake island is now clear of brush (and snakes) and ready for campers to come explore! 

Other Projects

CBGAA has done great work over the years. Here's a list of some of our other projects:

Boat Dock Refub 2011, Outdoor Chapel Refurb 2013, Arts N' Craft Shack Refurb 2016, New Camp Mattresses 2018, Ropes Course Repairs 2022, Canteen Supplies 2022, Pool Lights 2022

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