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We offer a number of chances to get out to Camp Bratton Green and give back to camp.

Check out the upcoming events listed below!

CBG Work Weekend

Friday May 17 - Sunday May 19

work weekends (9).png

Please join us May 17-19 for a final push to prepare camp for the summer. All are invited, alumni or otherwise. Lodging and all meals will be provided. 

We will accomplish as many of the following projects as possible dependent on attendance, skills, interest, and funds:


  • Gaga Pit – This is the year’s big project. We will need both skilled builders and unskilled lumber-haulers.




  • Add LED solar lights near cabin walkways (already purchased)

  • Replace all six 36 inch rodent resistant door sweeps for Chapel doors

  • *Repair any wood that would help keep mice out of sacristy

  • Repair / patch Rec Hall doors

  • Add simple shelf for belongings while people use the Rec Hall

  • *Replace casters on the Rec Hall box fan 

  • *Hang swing at the Rec Hall facing the lake (needs chains and hooks)

  • Install a partition between the urinal and sink in the Admin men's bathroom

  • Install new water valve and handle for side of Admin building

  • Check all sinks that are leaking and replace washers

  • Install galvanized screens outside all cabin roof eave vents to prevent bat entry






  • Clean everything…

  • Add limestone walkway from dining hall to admin sidewalk – Bring a shovel and gloves; a tractor will do most of the heavy lifting

  • Clean and repaint all garbage can boxes (we have paint)

  • Remove debris near garden



  • Clean out stuff behind brick walls in chapel

  • Move big props in Chapel down to the shop

  • Clean and repair all 4 Chapel A/C vents with epoxy (or *buy new vents)

  • Label the drawers for the music / video equipment and finish organizing the Chapel music room

  • Buy containers for Chapel blackout curtains (with specifications)

  • Wash recycling containers at shop and move them to the Chapel music room

  • Seal any holes in the Chapel sacristy with rodent+insect-resistant foam



  • Sort and replace any defective “personal flotation devices” (new supply in Rec Hall attic)

  • *Add/replace broken handles on all boats

  • Stain and seal covered bench facing lake (we have some stain)

  • Fill holes with sand (we have sand)



  • Paint the 2 tall signs on the side of the chapel for registration and checkout. ("Welcome to CBG, Please Start Here” and Camp Store / CBG post office info, etc.

  • Clean all fans, especially the port-a-cool fans (both inside and out)

  • Sand and paint wooden ping pong tables (belt and orbital sanders as well as paint are available)

  • Move folding ping pong table to lake house or donate to an EYC

  • Label light switches (label maker needed – repeat in Admin)

  • Paint and decorate the box fan


*Starred items may require substantial purchases. If you are interested in these projects, please reach out in advance or consider gifting the funds/materials.

Spring Break Week 2024

Thanks to everyone who came out during Spring Break this spring to work and play. We had a number of successful projects thanks to the leadership of Jason Woodcock, Annie Elliot, Chip & Cathy Davis and more. 

We also enjoyed evening guest speakers like Rufus Ward, Charlie Belote, and Richard Lawrence who told us stories of old which have made Camp Bratton Green so special!

Please mark your calendars for our Fall Alumni Weekend on Oct.11- 14, 2024!

Fall Alumni Weekend 2023

Friday Oct. 6 - Sunday Oct. 8

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our efforts at the Fall Alumni Weekend! We saw old friends, made new friends, and did a lot of good work. Projects included: painting and repairing the pool house, organizing offices and storage spaces, cleaning and scrapping windows, and restoring the bench at the St. Francis Shrine.

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